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Correct Toes Review

Posted By Marty Hughes, DC

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June 17 2016
Erik Coplin

I’m a fan! I researched Correct Toes prior to buying and everything made perfect sense. I’m a 50-year-old male that has always been very athletic (active runner, hockey, basketball, weight training, hiking, hunting, etc.). I’m blessed and haven’t been significantly prone to injury or illness. My Massage Therapist started me on the path of foot health and there was no turning back!

I’d been having pain in the fourth toe on my left foot. I’d also developed a “clunking” hip. First, I started with FiveFinger shoes and Yoga Toes. The problem is that Yoga Toes are short term and the muscle memory of years wasn’t corrected. Correct Toes fixed that! Since I was already stretching my toes and didn’t have ailments like bunions or hammertoes, I could start wearing the Correct Toes 24/7 right away without a period of getting used to spreading my toes. I experienced an accelerated effect and my feet spread quickly.

Improved balance, less foot fatigue, and improved posture, all as a result of Correct Toes. My hips and legs are strengthening, that’s obvious also! My foot pain is significantly reduced but not gone yet. However, between stretching my toes and maintaining proper toe alignment, I’m seeing wonderful results.

Now my dilemma is replacing my shoe collection! I’ve already tossed my most comfortable, broken down running shoes (you know the kind of beat up shoes that aren’t used for running anymore and are repaired with duct tape—mine were yard shoes) because my toes didn’t fit properly. Luckily my work shoes have a wide enough toe box to accommodate Correct Toes.

Thank you for your wonderful product!

June 17 2016
Natural Footgear

Hi, Erik,

Wow! Thank you for your excellent testimonial! We love getting feedback from folks about their journey toward optimal foot health. We wish you much continued success.

For choosing the best shoes to fit your feet, you can find some great options on our site. The Primal 2 ( is a popular model and easily accommodates Correct Toes. The Primal 2 is soft, flexible, flat, and versatile.

If you want more of an athletic shoe, I would suggest either the Altra Superior 2.0 ( or the Topo Sante ( We also have some sandals ( that you may love!

Again, thank you for the positive feedback and please keep us updated on your progress.

Kind regards,
Laura Trentman

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