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Posted By Marty Hughes, DC


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June 01, 2016


I am a runner with a bunion on one foot. Recently I have noticed my big toes pushing into my second toe, and I would like to know if Correct Toes would be something that I can wear when running as well? Do I need to wear them on both feet? I don’t have a problem on the other foot. Thank you!

June 01, 2016
Natural Footgear

Greetings, Lisa,

Thank you for your message. In our experience, we have found that Correct Toes is extremely helpful in addressing bunions. Even though the bunion may be more prominent on one foot, we have found it useful to wear Correct Toes on both feet, as the device is also helpful for increasing circulation and improving gait and balance.

You can wear your Correct Toes within a foot-healthy shoe while running; in fact, the device works best (i.e., has the greatest corrective effects on the toes) while you are in motion! To start, though, I may recommend wearing them for about 15-20 minutes at a time to see if there are any modifications that may be needed before you hit the road or trail. To learn more about Correct Toes, you can sign up for our free online Correct Toes course here:

Wishing you the best in foot health and let us know if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,
Laura Trentman

August 02, 2016

I am a runner and have been running for more than 15 years. I have bunions on both feet. I feel that the inward deviation of my big toes is increasing over time, and I have had two metatarsal fractures. I started using 2E wide shoes, which I feel helped in reducing burning and pain in the bunion area. Do you suggest using this product for running? Would it cause fit issues with my current shoes?

August 02, 2016
Natural Footgear

Hi, Srinath,

Thank you for your comment. Correct Toes is designed to help to realign your toes with their corresponding metatarsal bones to address bunions and other foot problems and improve gait, balance, and toe circulation. Many runners also find it advantageous in improving performance and avoiding common running-related injuries.

Using a foot-healthy shoe with a wide toe box is crucial to your overall foot health and the effectiveness of Correct Toes. We often tell folks that it’s most important to make the shoe fit the foot, not the foot fit the shoe. Selecting footwear with a toe box that’s wide at the ball of the foot and then continues to get wider as it moves toward the ends of the toes is essential in restoring natural foot form and function.

Correct Toes works best while the body is in motion, so running while wearing them is a great option for most people. We do recommend a gradual introduction to the device at first. Consider wearing your Correct Toes around your house or on short walks for about 30 minutes per day to start and then increase your wear-time gradually (by about 30 minutes per day) until wearing them becomes second nature.

Here are a few resources I think you might appreciate:

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Free Natural Foot Health for Athletes e-Course:

Kind regards,
Laura Trentman

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