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Correct Toes & Balance

Posted By Marty Hughes, DC

Users of Correct Toes toe spacers experience many health benefits, including improved toe alignment and foot structure, increased intrinsic foot muscle strength, enhanced foot and toe circulation, and the successful treatment and prevention of a variety of chronic foot problems. One benefit of this device that’s sometimes overlooked is its ability to improve balance—a particularly important benefit for athletes and the elderly. This article discusses in detail... Read more

Correct Toes & Orthotics

Posted By Robyn Hughes, ND

Correct Toes eliminates the need for conventional orthotics in most people by enabling the foot arch (i.e., the medial longitudinal arch) to support itself. In general, we DO NOT recommend wearing Correct Toes in combination with orthotics; we instead recommend weaning yourself off orthotics—slowly and progressively—when introducing Correct Toes. Correct Toes toe spacers are, by definition, an orthotic, though conventional custom orthotics are placed under your foot... Read more

Feet & Footwear Myths

Posted By Robyn Hughes, ND

If you look at the foot of a young child, you will notice that his or her toes are spaced well apart. The foot of a young child is naturally designed for optimal balance and gait, and if the foot maintains this shape, optimal stride is preserved through old age: a finding observed in barefoot populations the world over. In industrialized societies, however, people spend a lifetime... Read more

Natural Arch Support

Posted By Robyn Hughes, ND

Propping up the foot arch is a common approach used by physicians to help treat certain foot and ankle disorders. Arch support is also a design feature commonly touted by shoe manufacturers as beneficial. But we thought it would be helpful to discuss what arch support really means and whether it’s truly necessary—or even desired—in the foot. To understand our arch support philosophy, it’s important to understand... Read more

What Is Natural Arch Support?

Posted By Marty Hughes, DC

What is natural arch support?

The idea that the foot’s main arch—the medial longitudinal (ML) arch—needs to be propped up and supported is a long-held belief in the foot care world and the footwear industry. In fact, propping up the ML arch with conventional arch orthotics is a common approach used by physicians to help treat certain foot and ankle disorders and “resolve” inherent foot... Read more

Who Should Use Orthotics?

Posted By Marty Hughes, DC

In this video, Dr. Ray McClanahan, a sports podiatrist at Northwest Foot and Ankle and the inventor of Correct Toes, discusses a very common question: “Who should use orthotics?” Dr. Ray explains why conventional arch orthotics are prescribed by many foot care professionals and presents an alternative view on how best to stabilize the foot and ankle using natural (i.e., non-arch orthotic) means. Dr. Ray also describes... Read more