Educational Articles: Raynauds

Circulation & Your Feet

Posted By Robyn Hughes, ND

The human circulatory system is made up of a pump (the heart) and a delivery system (the blood vessels) for transporting blood throughout the body. The two types of circulation in the body are called systemic circulation and pulmonary circulation. Systemic circulation is responsible for bringing fresh, oxygen-rich blood to all the body’s tissues and organs, while pulmonary circulation is responsible for carrying oxygen-depleted blood from the... Read more

Correct Toes & Circulation

Posted By Marty Hughes, DC

Correct Toes and circulation

One of the lesser known and discussed benefits of Correct Toes toe spacers is their ability to boost foot and toe circulation. Many Correct Toes users have reported this great benefit, but until now we haven’t actually been able to see this effect or quantify it. Thanks to a Correct Toes user (Sergio, from Spain) and the wonders of infrared (IR)... Read more


Posted By Robyn Hughes, ND

Raynaud’s is a health problem that affects the arteries. Raynaud’s sometimes is called a disease, phenomenon, or syndrome, and it’s characterized by brief bouts of vasospasm, or the sudden narrowing of a blood vessel, which results in a reduced flow rate through that vessel. Arterial vasospasm primarily reduces blood flow to the fingers and toes. Though most people with Raynaud’s experience reduced blood flow to the fingers,... Read more