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At Natural Footgear, we help you solve your foot problem without surgery, drugs, or orthotics. We’re here to support you on your journey to optimal foot form and function with foot-healthy footwear, other helpful natural foot products, and essential foot health insights.

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All products offered by Natural Footgear are rigorously evaluated and tested by our skilled physicians and conform to our strict criteria for natural foot health. We do all the research so that you don't have to.


Natural Footgear is a one-stop shop for all your natural foot health needs. We offer everything you need to realize lasting foot health in one place. Most of our products can be used together for synergistic foot health benefits.


We're committed to providing you with the best information possible to support your own natural foot health, and we work only with companies that are dedicated to the same philosophies and principles we espouse.

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Our team of knowledgeable and foot-passionate doctors provides personalized 1:1 customer service to ensure your shopping experience is world-class. U.S. domestic orders typically ship within one business day.

Natural Footgear Correct Toes

Customer Feedback

I am so appreciative of the Correct Toes product. My feet are healing after surgery and I can already see the difference in my toe mechanics.

— P.W., Carpinteria, CA

I just started using your products and I am thrilled! I am very grateful to you [...] for the help these products (and education) are providing for my feet and lifestyle!

— R.S., Falls Church, VA
Natural Footgear Correct Toes