Astral Loyak Shoes

Astral Loyak shoes offer phenomenal grip and incorporate a number of other beneficial design features, including a low overall stack height, a lightweight design, a flexible sole, and a generous toe box. These features, along with its attractive design, make the Loyak a go-to footwear option for casual outings around town or for athletic endeavors ranging from walking to watersports to adventure travel. A fine example of functional footwear, the Astral Loyak works great in combination with other beneficial footgear, including Correct Toes, Injinji toe socks, Pedag metatarsal pads, and Naboso insoles. Minimalist, vegan, and Natural Footgear Certified, the Astral Loyak is a versatile and foot-friendly shoe that affords you excellent ground feel and allows you to step in tune with nature.

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