Shoe Liner Test & Pronation Explained

Posted By Marty Hughes, DC

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April 22 2015

I’m familiar with this information, and I experience problems with shoes. Shoes cause problems with my feet. The problem is, I cannot find any shoes that allow my whole foot to be on the liner! I’m almost thinking I need to make my own shoes!

April 22 2015
Natural Footgear

Hi, Donna,

Thank you for your comment. Have you tried out any of the footwear we offer on our site? All of the shoes we sell have a wide, accommodating toe box that provides ample space for toe splay and foot flexion. A little bit of liner spillover is okay if the shoe’s upper is flexible and expansile.

If we can help you out with anything moving forward, please just let us know!

Kind Regards,
Andrew Potter

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