Do You Want To Learn More About Correct Toes?

Correct Toes toe spacers are a game-changing foot health tool. This medical-grade silicone device, designed by sports podiatrist and natural foot care expert Dr. Ray McClanahan, can be used to prevent or address many common foot and toe problems, including bunions, hammertoes, other types of crooked toes, neuromas, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, ingrown toenails, hallux limitus, shin splints, and runner’s knee, among others. Correct Toes helps gently realign the toes and restore natural toe splay—an action that can have profound and lasting effects on foot and musculoskeletal health.

Correct Toes is also designed to encourage natural arch support and promote a strengthening of your foot muscles and tendons—two topics that we’ll expand upon in greater detail during this course. In order to get the maximum benefit from Correct Toes, it’s important to understand how this foot health tool works and all the ways in which it can help improve the health of your feet, toes, and musculoskeletal system. This course does exactly that; it answers commonly asked questions about Correct Toes and provides you with an absolute wealth of knowledge about how to put your Correct Toes toe spacers to the best possible use.

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  • The story of how Correct Toes came to be
  • How Correct Toes helps enable natural arch support
  • How Correct Toes helps prevent excessive pronation
  • How Correct Toes can help improve foot and toe circulation
  • Important results and expectations associated with using Correct Toes
  • Key modifications that will help you tailor Correct Toes to your unique feet
  • How Correct Toes can help eliminate the need for conventional arch orthotics
  • How to use Correct Toes in combination with flip-flops and huaraches sandals
  • How to use Correct Toes with other products for synergistic foot health benefits

Learn all about Correct Toes and how to get the most out of this powerful foot health tool in this informative e-course!