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Cold Weather Footwear

Posted By Robyn Hughes, ND


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April 21, 2015

Like most guys, I HATE shopping. Great suggestions for sure but … I have a special interest in cold weather footwear. I drive a semi and I’m exposed to cold, wet, slushy grounds at railyards in addition to extreme Chicago wind chills. Soaked wet footware at -5 makes a big windchill difference, trust me. Once my feet are cold, my body is cold and I am done for the day, period. A big contribution to this is that I’m diabetic with impared circulation in the feet. What boot brand name would you recommend as a starting point to to consider?

April 21, 2015
Natural Footgear

Hi, John,

Thank you for your comment. I certainly do appreciate your unique occupational footwear needs (as well as the need to find something that stands up to the chilly winter conditions in Chicago—been there, done that!). Unfortunately, we don’t have any recommendations for you at this time that meet your exact criteria. I can tell you, though, that I’m currently trialing the Lems Boulder Boot ( in Canadian winter conditions and it seems to be holding up to the elements just fine. It’s not water-proof, but it is water-resistant. A thick wool sock inside would definitely go a long way. Just a thought. If I find anything else that might be appropriate, I’ll let you know.

Kind regards,
Marty Hughes, DC

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