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How to Customize Correct Toes

Posted By Marty Hughes, DC


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February 22, 2021
Dawn M Eckstein

I recently exchanged my size Small Correct Toes for size Medium, since the Smalls would sometimes slide off when wearing them with sandals. The Medium is bunching a little between two of my middle toes. I could not find a video on how to modify the spacers if they bunch a little. I’m not sure which size is best for me.

February 22, 2021
Natural Footgear

Hi, Dawn,

Thank you for your comment. Bunching of the toe spacer material between your toes can signify a spacer that’s too large, though a minor amount of bunching is often okay; it should dissipate over time as your toes begin to spread out and take some of the “slack” out of the device. With that in mind, please do feel free to send us an image of the spacers on your toes (including one showing the problem area) for us to evaluate. We’ll be better able to offer fit and sizing advice after seeing how the device is sitting on your toes.

Kind regards,
Marty Hughes, DC

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