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August 02 2016
Shirley Pendergast

Is there an office in Asheville, NC, or nearby in which I could make an appointment for an in-person consultation?

August 02 2016
Natural Footgear

Hi, Shirley,

Thank you for your question. Drs. Robyn and Marty Hughes are not currently taking patients, but if you live in or around Western North Carolina, you might consider contacting Dr. Glenn Ingram at Through the Woods Natural Health, located in Brevard, NC:

Dr. Glenn practices natural foot health in the style supported by Natural Footgear.

Alternatively, you might consider scheduling a phone or Skype consultation with the healthcare team at Northwest Foot & Ankle, in Portland, OR. This is a great option for discussing your particular foot care concerns:

Kind regards,
Laura Trentman

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