Popular Q&A: Foot-Healthy Footwear

Can Minimalist Footwear & Toe Spacers Help When Hiking?

Posted By Robyn Hughes, ND

Can minimalist footwear and toe spacers help when hiking?

The Natural Footgear team receives lots of messages each day from folks around the world who want to know more about natural foot health and the products we offer. One of the most common questions we receive involves hiking footwear. Specifically: “Can I benefit from minimalist footwear & toe spacers when hiking?” Giving serious consideration to... Read more

Can Using Wide Toe Box Footwear Alone Help Restore Proper Toe Splay?

Posted By Marty Hughes, DC

Can using wide toe box footwear alone help restore proper toe splay?

Getting into a pair of men's or women's wide toe box shoes (specifically, shoes that are widest at the ends of the toes, not the ball of the foot) is vitally important in preventing additional toe deformities and in creating the circumstances that allow for true toe rehabilitation. So, a wide toe box... Read more

Why Has My Shoe Size Increased Since Switching to Wide Toe Box Minimalist Footwear?

Posted By Robyn Hughes, ND

Why has my shoe size increased since switching to wide toe box minimalist footwear?

This is a question that we commonly receive from customers and site visitors! The truth is, most folks who adopt foot-healthy footwear (i.e., shoes that stay out of the way of your feet) in combination with other helpful footgear (e.g., toe spacers, toe socks, metatarsal pads, sole-stimulating insoles, etc.) experience a... Read more