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Why Has My Shoe Size Increased Since Switching to Wide Toe Box Minimalist Footwear?

Posted By Robyn Hughes, ND


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June 08, 2021

I definitely know that my feet have lengthened, but so have my husband’s. He has had to go up a whole size after he realized his toes were squeezing together and causing a corn. The only thing he has done differently is that he goes barefoot in the house more often. He used to wear shoes from early morning until going to bed; the only change now is that he goes from his work boots to tennis shoes after getting home from work. He has always worn university walker-style shoes and his work boots were wide. Barefoot in the evenings is the only change he had made.

June 08, 2021
Natural Footgear

Hi, Nancy,

Thank you for your comment! It’s certainly not uncommon for men to jump up a whole size after making some changes to their shoe-wearing habits, but it’s interesting to hear that the only change your husband made was going barefoot in the evenings. Some sets of feet just simply respond more quickly than others to positive interventions or (in this case, from the sound of it) a reduction in injurious stimuli. I hope that you both continue to experience foot health gains over the coming months and years!

All the best,
Robyn Hughes, ND

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