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Top Tips to Improve Foot Health

Posted By Marty Hughes, DC


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April 21, 2015
Fritz Leitner

I am 66 years old and have athlete’s foot. I have had this pretty much all my life, especially between my little toe and the next one on both feet. Do you have any recommendations or people I could see in the Chapel Hill area?


April 21, 2015
Natural Footgear

Greetings, Fritz. Thank you for your comment and question. You may want to chat with Dr. Susan Delaney, a naturopath practicing in Chapel Hill.

Kind regards,
Marty Hughes, DC

July 04, 2016
Anna Picket

That’s a good point that a lot of shoes do not have the right support for my feet. I have to admit that I prefer tennis shoes since they don’t squeeze my toes or give me blisters. It’s an added bonus that they are less likely to cause bunions or other foot problems. I’m guessing that these Correct Toes were designed by a podiatrist? Maybe I should give them a try.

July 04, 2016
Natural Footgear

Hi, Anna,

Thank you for your message. In our experience, we’ve found that using Correct Toes is one of the best and most effective first steps toward achieving optimal foot health. Dr. Ray McClanahan, the inventor of Correct Toes, is a sports podiatrist and mentor to Drs. Robyn and Marty Hughes, co-founders of Natural Footgear.

Check out this video that outlines Dr. Ray’s story and how a natural approach to foot care all began:

Also, check out our women’s footwear options to see if there is an athletic shoe that picques your curiosity:

Please let us know if you have any further questions!

Kind regards,
Laura Trentman

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