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How to Use BlackBoard MobilizationBars

Posted By Marty Hughes, DC

How to use BlackBoard MobilizationBars

Your ability to successfully navigate your way through life, in a physical sense, largely depends on the functional capabilities of your feet, and whether or not your feet can connect with the ground in a way that produces efficient, pain-free motion and movement. In order to realize the inherent potential of your feet to serve this important role, it’s crucial... Read more

How to Use BlackBoard PerformanceBars

Posted By Marty Hughes, DC

How to use BlackBoard PerformanceBars

Your ability to competently compete or participate in your preferred sports or athletic activities largely depends on your ability to adapt and react to the terrain upon which you traverse and the conditions you encounter. In order to reduce the likelihood of injuries and perform at your highest level, it’s absolutely vital that your feet are as fit as possible,... Read more

How to Use BlackBoard ToeBands

Posted By Robyn Hughes, ND

How to use BlackBoard ToeBands

Take a moment to examine your fingers. They are strong, flexible, and have good motor coordination—similar in many ways to the toes. Of course, fingers and toes are not the same thing, but imagine what it would be like if you put your hands in boxing gloves all day long and couldn’t use your fingers to grip, type, write, or... Read more

How to Use the BlackBoard Basic

Posted By Marty Hughes, DC

How to use the BlackBoard Basic

Your feet play a vital role in your musculoskeletal system. They absorb your footfalls, efficiently transform potential energy into movement, and help dictate the position of your knees, hips, and spine. Many long-term joint and soft tissue problems originate at the foundation of the body—in the feet—and that’s why healthy foot form and function is so incredibly important. This... Read more

Top 10 Foot Health Tools & Tips

Posted By Robyn Hughes, ND

Top 10 foot health tools & tips

The need for natural and conservative alternatives to conventional foot and toe treatments has never been greater. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, approximately 43.1 million Americans have foot problems, and the cost of foot surgery to correct problems associated with improper footwear—bunions, hammertoes, corns and calluses, among others—is about $2 billion per year. The cost... Read more

Top Tips to Improve Foot Health

Posted By Marty Hughes, DC

Top tips to improve foot health

Attention and time given to natural foot health concepts and activities can yield profound foot health benefits, both for foot injury prevention and improved quality of life. Caring for your feet and allowing them to function the way nature intended can keep you pain-free and performing the activities you love most. In most cases, the... Read more