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How to Use the Human Locomotion ToePro

Posted By Marty Hughes, DC


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January 31, 2024
Lani Elder

Hi! I’m really enjoying wearing my toe separators. I’m wondering, though: Is the Human Locomotion ToePro the next step for a 75-year-old person with an occasional near-collapsing knee and ankle? I’m really active, but I need strengthening and healing. Thank you for all you offer!

January 31, 2024
Natural Footgear

Greetings, Lani! Thank you for your comment and question. We’re glad to hear that you’ve been enjoying your toe spacers, and we hope you continue to benefit from them over the coming months and years. Considering additional approaches you can deploy to shore up your musculoskeletal health and speed healing is important at any age, but perhaps particularly so for active seniors, as this can help prevent falls and all the significant challenges that often accompany this kind of event, in addition to extending your ability to enjoy cherished physical activities, whatever they may be for you.

The Human Locomotion ToePro, which you inquired about and which is discussed in detail in the above post, is a fantastic foot health tool that’s easy to use and, like Correct Toes, has a strong scientific basis underlying its design. Created by renowned chiropractor Dr. Tom Michaud, this foot and ankle exercise platform allows you to strengthen your foot and lower leg muscles in their lengthened positions, which results in a nearly fourfold increase in strength relative to conventional foot and lower leg exercises, such as towel curls, marble pick-ups, and other exercises. You can use the ToePro to help improve balance, increase arch height, prevent ankle sprains, and increase gait velocity, among other things.

So, the Human Locomotion ToePro is a potent adjunct to other helpful footgear—such as toe spacers, toe socks, metatarsal pads, proprioceptive insoles, and foot-healthy footwear—and offers you a simple and effective way to improve knee and ankle stability while building lower leg strength and muscular endurance. Incorporating the ToePro into your regular foot care routine should be helpful in reducing the frequency of knee and ankle collapse (near or otherwise), and we think you’ll find that it provides many additional benefits that will serve you well going forward. Of course, each person is unique in terms of their foot health needs, and so we always recommend that you speak with a foot care professional to receive the most personalized and nuanced care possible.

We hope this info helps, Lani! If you have any follow-up questions, please feel free to leave another comment here or reach out to us via our website’s contact form:

Yours in Foot Health,
Drs. Marty & Robyn Hughes

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