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Ingrown Toenails

Posted By Robyn Hughes, ND


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March 30, 2018
Michael Lau

I could use some help with ingrown toenails!

March 30, 2018
Natural Footgear

Hi, Michael,

Thank you for your comment! In our experience, we’ve found that the two main causes of ingrown toenails are conventional footwear (with its narrow, tapering toe boxes) and untrimmed toenails. By switching to shoes that are wider at the ends of the toes and keeping the toenails trimmed on a regular basis, many people find that their painful symptoms begin to go away (and that the likelihood of recurrences is reduced).

We recommend checking out the following video for more info about conventional vs. natural approaches to ingrown toenails:

If you have any questions moving forward, please just let us know!

Kind Regards,
Andrew Potter

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