Educational Articles: Bursitis


Posted By Robyn Hughes, ND

Bursae are situated in various locations throughout the body where friction between tissues commonly occurs. These sacs are designed to help reduce friction and prevent pain. Repetitive movements or prolonged and excessive pressure are the most common causes of bursal inflammation, though traumatic injury may also cause this painful problem. In fact, the body sometimes creates bursal sacs in response to trauma or tissue damage. Infracalcaneal bursitis... Read more

Heel Pain: Conventional vs. Natural Approaches

Posted By Marty Hughes, DC

Plantar fasciosis is a common cause of heel pain, but another problem that can cause heel pain is bursitis, specifically, infracalcaneal bursitis—irritation of the fluid-filled sac that sits directly under the heel bone. With heel bursitis, pain tends to increase with weight-bearing activity, as opposed to plantar fasciosis, a condition in which pain usually is greatest upon waking in the morning. In this video, Dr. Ray McClanahan,... Read more