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The Merits of Be Real Shoes

Posted By Marty Hughes, DC

Essential Footgear:

August 04, 2015

These sound great! I was hoping the video would have a slow motion clip of a person walking in them. I’m interested to know if the heel of the shoe stays with the heel of the foot so that a proper ball strike first gait can be maintained while wearing these without the heel of the shoe shuffling along the ground/floor. Can you tell me if it does, please?

August 11, 2015
Natural Footgear

Hello, Wendi,

Thank you for your thoughtful post. One thing we love most about Be Real Shoes is that they absolutely allow for each individual’s feet to be their feet inside the minimalist covering of gear.

Because that is so, if an individual has developed an optimal ball-striking gait, these shoes will allow for that to continue to occur. Further, we feel these shoes can help to encourage the wearer to develop such a gait over time.

Excellent question! We hope this response has addressed your inquiry appropriately. Please do let us know if we can be of further assistance.

All best,
Sarah K. Schuetz

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