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Six Ways to Restore Foot Health After Surgery

Posted By Marty Hughes, DC

Six ways to restore foot health after surgery

A lot of folks write in with questions about foot and toe surgery and what alternatives might be available for those who wish to avoid these procedures. We also get a lot of questions from people who've already had foot or toe surgery (or who are scheduled for a procedure), wondering if natural foot care methods might... Read more

Toe Extensor Stretch

Posted By Marty Hughes, DC

The Toe Extensor Stretch—a simple stretch of the toe extensor muscles and tendons—is perhaps the single most important stretch or exercise for foot health. Most conventional shoes possess about 15 to 20 degrees of toe spring, or upward toe ramping, which, along with heel elevation, creates imbalances in the flexor and extensor muscles and tendons that act on the foot. Overly tight toe extensor muscles and tendons... Read more