Flat Feet: Conventional vs. Natural Approaches

Posted By Marty Hughes, DC

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April 16, 2015

I appreciate this information about flat feet. Do you think severe pronation is correctable with exercise?

April 16, 2015
Natural Footgear

Hi, Christine,

Thanks for your question. In our experience, we’ve found that a combination of foot exercises and natural footgear can be quite helpful in correcting excessive pronation ( Realigning the big toe to its normal anatomical position is essential in eliminating overpronation and encourages natural arch support (

Correct Toes ( is an invaluable foot health tool for this purpose. And getting into men’s ( or women’s ( footwear that is completely flat from heel to toe and possesses a toe box that allows for natural toe splay can be quite helpful for a lot of people in restoring foot strength and arch stability (even for those individuals with a low arch).

One stretch that can also help with the overpronation issue is the Big Toe Stretch (

I hope this info helps!

Kind regards,
Marty Hughes, DC

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