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  • Graduated Lower Leg Compression for Performance & Recovery

    Zensah compression leg sleeves offer athletes and active individuals graduated lower leg compression (15 to 20 mmHg) for enhanced physical performance and faster recovery between strenuous workouts. Made in the USA, these comfortable compression leg sleeves help boost venous return, improve blood oxygenation, and assist in the clearing of blood lactate—all essential aspects of the recovery process. Zensah compression leg sleeves also help minimize the effects of delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) in the days after intense exercise.

    Helps Stabilize Lower Leg Muscles & Prevent Micro-Tears

    Zensah compression leg sleeves are silver-infused for odor control and incorporate raised micro-ribbing to support calf muscles and reduce muscular fatigue. The chevron ribbing built into these breathable, lightweight, moisture-wicking, and temperature-regulating sleeves helps relieve shin splints, and the targeted compression stabilizes lower leg muscles to prevent micro-tears. Use Zensah compression leg sleeves to improve your training, athletic performance, and recovery, or use them during long-haul travel to help stimulate circulation in your lower extremities.

    Seamless Construction, Pairs Well With Other Helpful Footgear

    Built using seamless construction, Zensah compression leg sleeves are durable and designed to be anti-chafing. These helpful sleeves can also be used in combination with other natural footgear to enhance function in your lower extremities and address a variety of common foot and lower leg problems. Consider pairing your Zensah compression leg sleeves with Correct Toes toe spacers, Injinji toe socks, Pedag metatarsal pads, Naboso insoles, and men’s or women’s foot-healthy footwear to build a better overall musculoskeletal foundation.

    • Made in the USA
    • NF Certified Product
    • Silver-infused for odor control
    • Graduated lower leg compression
    • Compression Rating: 15 to 20 mmHg
    • Fiber Content: 90% nylon, 10% spandex
    • Uses: Training, performance, and recovery
    • Seamless construction and durable design
    • Raised micro-ribbing for calf muscle support
    • Works well in supporting long-duration travel
    • Moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating
    • Helps encourage the removal of blood lactate
    • Helps minimize the impact of DOMS after exercise
    • Helps promote recovery between strenuous workouts
    • Helps boost venous return for better blood oxygenation
    • Works well in combination with Correct Toes and Injinji toe socks
    • Works well in combination with Pedag met pads and Naboso insoles
    • Works well in combination with men's and women's foot-healthy footwear
    • Washing Instructions: Machine wash in cold water, delicate cycle, tumble dry (no heat)
  • When choosing your Zensah compression leg sleeve size, use maximum calf circumference as the primary determinant. The following sizing recommendations are suggested by the manufacturer:

    Zensah Compression Leg Sleeve Size
    Calf Circumference (in)
    Calf Circumference (cm)
    12.5 to 15 31.5 to 38
    15 to 19 38 to 48

    If you have any questions about sizing, please feel free to contact us.

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