Naboso Neuro Insoles


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  • A Sensory Insole That Provides Medical Grade Stimulation

    Naboso Neuro insoles provide medical grade foot stimulation to help improve balance and stability in those with acute and chronic neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke, concussion, spinal cord injuries, or neuropathy. These minimalist insoles are designed to increase foot strength and awareness, and they seamlessly integrate into any neuro-rehabilitation program that focuses on gait training and reducing falls. Naboso Neuro insoles also help enhance skin blood flow and peripheral nerve stimulation as well as improve postural awareness and balance when standing and walking.

    Works With Most Types of Footwear, Supremely Flexible

    Naboso Neuro insoles, with a total thickness of 3.0 mm, incorporate a 1.5 mm-thick patented pyramidal texture that provides non-cushion sensory stimulation for daily foot health benefits. The Neuro insole works with almost all types of footwear, and you can use it on top of your existing insole, though it often works best to remove any existing shoe liner or insole and insert just the Neuro insole instead. Allowing for freedom of rotation and movement, this supremely flexible insole helps support natural foot strength and resiliency and restores your connection to the ground.

    Easy to Customize, Pairs Nicely With Other Footgear

    You can easily trim Naboso Neuro insoles to fit almost any foot or shoe; simply cut them to size and replace your existing shoe insoles with your new Naboso insoles. These textured inserts can also be combined with other footgear for synergistic foot health benefits, including men’s and women’s healthy-foot-shaped shoes, Correct Toes toe spacers, and Pedag metatarsal pads. Naboso Neuro insoles can be worn against bare feet, for maximum effect, or in combination with Injinji toe socks, for those who want a bit less stimulation.

    Note: Naboso Neuro insoles provide Maximum Stimulation. For those looking for similar effects (i.e., for gaining postural awareness, addressing neurological problems, and reducing the likelihood of falls, etc.), but who want a bit less foot stimulation (i.e., High-Level Stimulation), you might consider using Naboso Activation insoles.

    • Non-toxic
    • Latex-free
    • 100% recyclable
    • Supremely flexible
    • NF Certified Product
    • 3.0 mm total insole thickness
    • 1.5 mm-thick patented texture
    • Ideal for neuro-rehabilitative programs
    • Ideal for improving balance and stability
    • Completely flat from heel to toe (zero drop)

    • Freedom of rotation and triplanar movement

    • Evidence-based firmness to maximize stimulation
    • Can be trimmed to suit any unique foot or footwear shape
    • Works great in combination with Correct Toes toe spacers
    • Works great in combination with Injinji toe socks and Pedag met pads
    • Works great in combination with men’s and women’s foot-shaped shoes
  • The manufacturer recommends the following in terms of sizing:

    Shoe Size Small Medium Large X-Large
    US Women's 5-7.5 8-10.5 11-13.5 -
    US Men's 3-5.5 6-8.5 9-11.5 12-14
    EU 34.5-37.5 38-42 43-45 46-48.5

    We have found that, to better fit the shape of the footwear we feature on the Natural Footgear site (especially the wider toe boxes), it can be helpful to go up a size to get a bit more material to work with—for trimming purposes—at the ends of your toes, especially if your shoe size is at the mid to upper end of any of the size ranges shown above.

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