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  • A Toe Sock for Engaging & Strengthening Your Feet

    Naboso textured toe socks are designed to actively engage and strengthen your feet by stimulating your nervous system. Incorporating Naboso’s patented pyramidal-shaped texture, including within the individual toe sleeves, these innovative socks help awaken your sensory receptors, promote enhanced foot and toe circulation, and activate the nerves that interface with the ground below. Naboso textured toe socks also help free your toes, allowing them to become strong on their own and participate more fully in natural movement of all kinds. These socks, which are cleverly designed to enhance your balance and boost your foot awareness, help you rediscover the world beneath your feet.

    Speeds Foot Recovery, Supports Natural Toe Alignment

    Naboso textured toe socks, machine-washable in cool water, are the ideal sock for speeding foot recovery, supporting natural toe alignment, and resetting your foot at the end of a long day or a strenuous workout. Whether you’re an athlete seeking a competitive advantage, an on-the-go worker hoping to energize your feet, or a wellness enthusiast looking to gain better position sense, these first-of-their-kind socks can help you realize your health and fitness goals. Those with neurological conditions such as MS will also appreciate the stabilizing effect that wearing these socks can have. In addition to being a great stand-alone piece of footgear, Naboso textured toe socks pair nicely with Correct Toes, Pedag metatarsal pads, and men’s and women’s foot-healthy footwear.

    Note: The manufacturer recommends starting with 30-60 minutes of use and then gradually building wear-time based on comfort. Also, to achieve the best fit, the manufacturer suggests washing these socks prior to using them for the first time.

    • Lightweight
    • Durable design
    • NF Certified Product
    • Nerve-stimulating texture
    • Improves balance and foot awareness
    • Assists with recovery following athletic activity
    • Assists with recovery following long work days
    • Promotes natural toe alignment and toe strength
    • Actively engages and strengthens your entire foot
    • Offers a unique combination of texture and toe splay
    • Enhances foot circulation and peripheral nerve health
    • Materials: 76% cotton, 20% polyester, 4% elastane (Lycra)
    • Cleaning: Machine-washable in cool water, tumble or air dry
    • Works well in combination with Correct Toes toe spacers
    • Works well in combination with Pedag metatarsal pads
    • Works well in combination with men's and women's foot-healthy footwear
  • Naboso textured toe socks come in four distinct sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and XLarge. Your Naboso textured toe socks size is determined by your shoe size. The following sizing recommendations are suggested by the manufacturer:

     Shoe Size (US) Small Medium Large XLarge
    Men's -
    Women's 5-7

    If you have any questions about sizing, please feel free to contact us.

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