Naboso Neuro Ball


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  • A Tool for Sensory Stimulation & Myofascial Release

    The Naboso Neuro Ball is studded with hundreds of raised domes that provide ultimate sensory stimulation for your foot. This powerful massage ball also relieves tension in fascia that can restrict movement in your body by helping tight muscles and tissues relax and lengthen; this in turn reduces joint compression and enhances range of motion and mobility. Use this ball for self-myofascial release and to address foot issues such as tendinitis, bunions, and plantar fasciosis. It also works well on calf muscles and on the palms of your hands.

    All-In-One Design, Optimal Density

    The Naboso Neuro Ball possesses a clever design that allows you to accomplish multiple objectives when it comes to improving your musculoskeletal health. Use it “as is” for rolling techniques all over your body, or split this versatile massage ball in two for stationary exercises that let you work both feet simultaneously. Splitting the ball in two also reveals a firmer “Micro Round” that you can use to achieve pinpoint tissue release. With its optimal density, the Neuro Ball offers you the perfect blend of effectiveness and comfort.

    Additional Neuro Ball Benefits

    There are numerous additional benefits associated with the Naboso Neuro Ball, including improved joint alignment, more effective stretching, reduced post-exercise soreness, reduced likelihood of injury, and an increased sense of well-being. Use the Neuro Ball to help prime your muscles and get active, and use the bonus Micro Round to further target hard-to-reach areas between the small bones of your feet and hands. The Naboso Neuro Ball also works great with other natural footgear to help you achieve optimal foot health.

    Note: Each Naboso Neuro Ball comes with a glossy owner’s manual that describes and demonstrates the various techniques and ways to use this excellent massage tool.

    Note: The seal between the two halves of the Neuro Ball is rather tight, but applying a little force is usually sufficient to separate the halves. Once you get the ball open the first time, it should be easier to split on subsequent occasions. You may consider carefully using a tool such as a butter knife or a flat-head screwdriver to gently pry it open.

  • The Naboso Neuro Ball comes in one size and is slightly smaller than a tennis ball. The Micro Round massage ball contained within is about the size of a grape.

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