Injinji MW Spectrum Trail Crew Forest


  • Injinji MW Spectrum Trail Crew Forest
  • Injinji MW Spectrum Trail Crew Forest

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  • A Sock for Healthy Feet & Toes

    Injinji midweight (MW) spectrum trail crew toe socks are a blend of COOLMAX, nylon, and lycra that wicks moisture to keep your feet dry. The 5-toe design of these socks encourages natural toe splay and can help prevent bunions, hammertoes, plantar fasciosis, and other foot problems. These socks also encourage proper balance, stability, posture, and grip, and they allow your entire foot, including your toes, to perform as nature intended.

    Superior Moisture Management, Great for Hikers

    These toe socks encourage total foot utilization and enhance tactile sensitivity, and they reduce your chances of developing blisters, hotspots, and other foot-specific problems. Socks that separate your toes, such as Injinji spectrum trail crew toe socks, boost the airflow between your toes, which helps create a dry and cool environment inside your sock—an especially important consideration during outdoor athletic activity. These crew-length toe socks also extend to the mid-calf region, which helps prevent cuts and scrapes when hiking or trekking.

    Pleasing Print, Compatible With Other Natural Footgear

    Injinji spectrum trail crew toe socks feature a fun print that celebrates the great outdoors and the wild places that capture our imagination and provide us with a place to recreate and rejuvenate. The Spectrum print process ensures that the print will not distort or fade over time. These toe socks work well with many of the other products we offer at Natural Footgear, including men's or women's foot-healthy footwear, Correct Toes, and Strutz foot pads or Pedag metatarsal pads.

    • NFG Certified Product
    • Improves tactile feedback
    • Can be worn in most footwear
    • Prevents blisters and hotspots
    • High-knit count enhances durability
    • Keeps feet dry, cool, and comfortable
    • Encourages proper toe splay and alignment
    • Great for hiking and other outdoor activities
    • Incorporates mesh top for great breathability
    • Helps with crooked toes and other problems
    • Works well in combination with Correct Toes
    • Works well with Pedag met pads or Strutz pads
    • Materials: 39% COOLMAX, 58% nylon, 3% LYCRA
  • Injinji toe socks come in three distinct sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Your Injinji toe socks size is determined by your shoe size. The following sizing recommendations are suggested by the manufacturer:

    Small: Women's 6 to 8.5 (US) shoe size or men's 5 to 7.5 (US) shoe size

     Women's 9 to 11.5 (US) shoe size or men's 8 to 10.5 (US) shoe size

     Women's 12+ (US) shoe size or men's 11 to 13 (US) shoe size

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