Strutz Foot Pads

Product Description

Strutz foot pads function as a mobile metatarsal pad that you can wear on your bare feet, over a pair of socks, or within a pair of shoes. This amazing little foot pad accomplishes major foot health feats, functioning much like a conventional metatarsal pad, but with greater versatility and customizability. The comfortable elastic wrap ensures a snug fit and keeps the pad in place, allowing you to wear this lightweight foot health tool during all kinds of activities, including walking, running, yoga, and other athletic pursuits. Strutz foot pads help spread your transverse foot arch, promote proper forefoot fat pad positioning (to protect the heads of your metatarsal bones), restore a healthy balance between your toe flexor and extensor tendons, and treat and prevent ball of foot pain. Strutz foot pads are best used in a weight-bearing situation, in shoes with a completely flat sole from heel to toe. This mobile metatarsal pad also works great in combination with men's and women's foot-healthy footwear, Correct Toes, and Injinji toe socks for synergistic foot health benefits.

Key Features
  • NFG Certified Product
  • Possesses a sleek, low profile design
  • Functions as a mobile metatarsal pad
  • Contains a built-in antimicrobial agent
  • Helpful for neuromas and sesamoiditis
  • Can be easily adjusted for optimal positioning
  • Can be used on bare feet, over socks, or within shoes
  • Constructed of cushioned foam for a comfortable ride
  • Promotes better balance, control, and body alignment
  • Can be used during activity for foot health and comfort
  • Works well in with Correct Toes and Injinji toe socks
  • Works well with men's and women's foot-healthy footwear