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  • A Foot-Friendly Minimalist Athletic Shoe for Kids

    The Xero Prio Youth is a minimalist athletic shoe that lets your child's foot feel the ground so that he or she can experience the true joy of natural foot and body movement. To function at their best, your child's feet need to move, bend, flex, and feel their environment, and the Prio Youth allows them to do exactly this. It’s a high-performance shoe that encourages proprioception, enables natural toe splay, and helps prevent problems in your child's feet that may develop down the line.

    Wide Toe Box, Zero-Drop Platform, Flexible Sole

    The Xero Prio Youth incorporates a wide, anatomical toe box and a zero-drop sole, both of which encourage proper posture, balance, and agility, help stabilize your child's foot and ankle, and enable natural arch support. The Prio Youth's flexible 5.0 mm sole allows his or her foot to move the way nature intended and become strong on its own, and its lightweight, huarache-inspired design is unobtrusive and provides your child's foot with plenty of freedom to function at its best.

    Can Be Used With Correct Toes & Other Footgear

    The Prio Youth is compatible with other helpful natural footgear, including Correct Toes, Injinji toe socksPedag metatarsal pads, and Naboso insoles. This combination of footgear helps promote normal and natural foot and toe alignment in your child's feet. This vegan athletic shoe also includes a FeelTrue rubber sole, an adjustable instep strap, and reflective strips to help your child be seen in low-light conditions. Each Xero Prio Youth shoe weighs about 5.0 oz.

    Note: If your child is new to using Xero footwear, we recommend that he or she start in slowly, gradually building up wear-time and giving his or her body the chance to adapt to the thinner soles and the increased workload on the feet.

    • Zero-drop sole
    • 100 percent vegan
    • NF Certified Product
    • Adjustable instep strap
    • Huarache-inspired design
    • Weight (per shoe): ~5.0 oz.
    • 5 mm FeelTrue rubber outsole
    • Incorporates (optional) 2 mm insole
    • Dual-direction chevron tread pattern
    • Travel-Friendly: Foldable and packable
    • Enhances ground feel and proprioception
    • Wide toe box allows for optimal toe splay
    • Helps improve posture, balance, and agility
    • Helps stabilize foot and ankle during activity
    • Includes reflective strips to improve visibility
    • Great for running, walking, jumping, and playing!
    • Works great with Correct Toes and Injinji toe socks
    • Works great with Pedag met pads and Naboso insoles
    • Allows your child's foot to naturally flex, bend, and articulate
  • To get the most out of Xero Prio Youth shoes, the manufacturer recommends that you order your child’s normal shoe size. For example, if your child normally wears a youth size 4 shoe, consider ordering a youth 4 in the Xero Prio Youth. If your child is between sizes, order up to the next available size.

    If you're on the fence about what size to order for your child, consider ordering both sizes and then simply return the size that doesn't fit as well for a refund. If you have concerns about sizing, feel free to contact us or Xero customer service.

    Sizing Tip #1: To create additional roominess within the shoe, we suggest removing the included (optional) shoe liner/insole; this action does not, in any way, affect the performance of the shoe. Optionally, and to enhance balance, posture, agility, and general foot/body awareness, you might consider adding thin, flexible Naboso insoles instead.

    Sizing Tip #2: Correct Toes toe spacers will often add width and length to the foot. If you’re planning to have your child wear Correct Toes inside his or her footwear, we recommend sizing up, especially if he or she is on the border between sizes.

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