Do You Want To Learn More About Fashion, Footwear & Foot Health?

We see many examples throughout history and in other cultures where humans have been willing to tolerate bodily discomfort in order to meet the fashion standards of the day. Conventional footwear, fashion or otherwise, is a contemporary example of this willingness to conform to cultural norms and deform our bodies for the purposes of satisfying a societal expectation. Most people don’t realize that their footwear choices are shaped by market forces and a built-in, natural desire to fit in. But this is precisely the case for most people most of the time.

Fashion, footwear, and foot health are all intimately linked. The extent to which we’re willing to conform to the footwear status quo says a lot about the pervasiveness of common ideas about beauty and our understanding, on a societal level, of what constitutes healthy footwear for our feet. This course attempts to shine a light on our fundamental motivation for selecting footwear and present an alternative vision of not only what constitutes truly foot-healthy footwear, but also what constitutes true beauty, as it concerns the foot.

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  • Ways to survive office dress code expectations
  • Why bunions are not hereditary and not inevitable
  • Why most clogs are not a foot-healthy footwear choice
  • How fashion footwear compromises foot and toe health
  • Key exercises to improve foot and toe health and function
  • How wearing conventional footwear compares to the practice of foot binding
  • The natural foot health products that can help restore foot form and function