Are You Curious About Feet & Footwear Myths?

Feet and footwear are an incredible source of myths, misconceptions, and misinformation in our society. Healthcare providers and the shoe manufacturing industry have—perhaps unknowingly or even with good intentions in mind—helped spread and perpetuate these myths into mass consciousness. Indeed, there is an abundance of information and opinions out there about feet and footwear, and it can be extremely challenging to separate fact from fiction.

Most feet and footwear myths are based on the idea that the human foot is inherently flawed and that it's natural for the feet to break down, get weaker, or become painful over time. These myths are also based on the idea that the foot needs external support in order to function properly. But what if there was another way of looking at feet and footwear?

What if there was a way of looking at feet and footwear that considered the naturally brilliant design of the human foot? And what if there was a way of looking at feet and footwear that considered the feet to be unflawed, strong, and resilient, without the need for external support? The good news is that such a perspective exists, and it can grant you a fundamental understanding of how to alleviate and prevent many foot problems and keep your feet strong and healthy well into old age.

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  • Hiking Boots: Why conventional hiking boots are inherently flawed
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  • Ankle Pronation: Why most footwear encourages excessive ankle pronation
  • Shoe Cushioning: How athletic shoe padding may actually be harmful to the body
  • Footwear Features: Which design features in shoes keep your feet strong and healthy