Xero Pacifica Charcoal


Xero Pacifica Charcoal
Xero Pacifica Charcoal
Xero Pacifica Charcoal
Xero Pacifica Charcoal
Xero Pacifica Charcoal
Xero Pacifica Charcoal
Xero Pacifica Charcoal
Xero Pacifica Charcoal
Xero Pacifica Charcoal
Xero Pacifica Charcoal
Xero Pacifica Charcoal
Xero Pacifica Charcoal
Xero Pacifica Charcoal

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  • **Note: We recommend that women purchase the men's version of this shoe (for its wider toe box). You can find sizing details under the “Sizing” tab on this page.**

    A Stylish & Comfortable Casual Shoe

    The Xero Pacifica is a stylish and comfortable casual shoe with a wool-blend upper and moisture-wicking lining. This hip minimalist shoe incorporates a flexible 5.5 mm FeelTrue sole that offers you a barefoot feel yet still provides sufficient protection for your foot’s sole. The foot-shaped Pacifica also includes a zero drop platform, which stabilizes your foot and ankle and encourages natural arch support. The huarache-inspired heel straps keep your heel snugly in place while the wide toe box allows your toes to splay the way nature intended.

    Lightweight Design, Soft Upper, Supple Sole

    With its lightweight design, soft upper, and supple rubber sole, the Pacifica is all about letting you experience natural movement while helping you develop optimal posture, balance, and agility. This shoe’s dual-direction chevron tread pattern provides you with plenty of grip, and the overall minimalist fit and feel of the Pacifica lets your foot flex, bend, and move in a way that builds foot strength and resists common foot and toe problems, such as crooked toes, ball of foot pain, and plantar fasciosis.

    Can Be Used with Other Natural Footgear

    The eye-catching Xero Pacifica is designed to be a casual shoe, though, with its foot-healthy design and sporty feel, it can also be used for light athletic activity if the occasion arises. This shoe can also be used with other helpful natural footgear to help rehabilitate the feet, including Correct Toes, Injinji toe socksPedag metatarsal pads or Strutz foot pads, and Naboso insoles. Each Xero Pacifica shoe weighs about 7 oz.

    Note: If you are new to using Xero footwear, we recommend that you start in slowly, gradually building up your wear-time and giving your body the chance to adapt to the thinner soles and the increased workload on your feet.

    • Zero drop sole
    • Wool-blend upper
    • Adjustable heel strap
    • Adjustable instep strap
    • NFG Certified Product
    • Weight (per shoe): ~7 oz.
    • Huarache-inspired design
    • Smooth, moisture-wicking lining
    • 5.5 mm FeelTrue rubber outsole
    • Can be worn with or without socks
    • Incorporates (optional) 2 mm insole
    • Dual-direction chevron tread pattern
    • Travel-Friendly: Collapsible and packable
    • Wide toe box allows for optimal toe splay
    • Enhances ground-feel and proprioception
    • Helps improve posture, balance, and agility
    • Helps stabilize foot and ankle during activity
    • Great for use around town or for light activity
    • Allows your foot to naturally bend and articulate
    • Works great in combination with Naboso insoles
    • Works great with Correct Toes and Injinji toe socks
    • Works great with Pedag met pads or Strutz foot pads
  • To get the most out of your Xero Pacifica shoes, please consider the following general sizing suggestions:

    The Xero Pacifica runs about a half-size small. Consider ordering a half-size larger than you normally would. ALSO ... we recommend that women purchase the men's version of the Pacifica, as it has a wider toe box that better accommodates Correct Toes.

    So, for example, if you normally wear a women's US size 8 shoe, the women's Pacifica equivalent is an 8.5. To convert to men's sizing in this model, adjust down by 1.5 (in this case, to a men's US size 7).

    Here is a Pacifica sizing chart that provides additional clarity about what size to purchase in the men's version of this shoe:

    Your Usual Women's US Shoe Size Suggested Women's US Pacifica Size Equivalent Men's US Pacifica Size
    7.5 8 6.5
    8 8.5 7
    8.5 9 7.5
    9 9.5 8
    9.5 10 8.5
    10 10.5 9
    10.5 11 9.5
    11 - 10
    11.5 - 10.5
    12 -

    Note: To create additional roominess within the shoe, consider removing the included (optional) liner/insole; this action does not, in any way, affect the performance of the shoe.

    If you have concerns about sizing, feel free to contact us or Xero customer service.

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