Luna Oso Flaco Black


Luna Oso Flaco Black
Luna Oso Flaco Black
Luna Oso Flaco Black
Luna Oso Flaco Black
Luna Oso Flaco Black
Luna Oso Flaco Black

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  • A Foot-Healthy Minimalist Athletic Sandal

    The Luna Oso Flaco, or “Skinny Bear,” is a comfortable and lightweight minimalist sandal that offers excellent traction on a wide range of surfaces, from pavement and concrete in urban environments to more technical terrain such as earth, roots, and rocks in the great outdoors. The Oso Flaco, with its Vibram Megagrip outsole, is the perfect sandal for those who want a grippy, aggressive tread pattern but also incredible sole flexibility and ultimate ground feel. This foot-friendly sandal also incorporates a durable nylon strapping system and an adjustable buckle for personalized comfort and fit.

    Helps Build Strong, Resilient Feet & Toes

    The relatively thin sole of the Luna Oso Flaco helps stabilize your foot and ankle and encourages your foot to become strong on its own. The wide footbed of the Oso Flaco allows your toes to spread out, which is important in rehabilitating your foot and realizing optimal foot health. This versatile, easy on/easy off sports sandal can be worn during outings around town as well as in the wild, when running, hiking, backpacking, camping, or anything in between. Breathable, versatile, and quick-drying, the Luna Oso Flaco helps enhance your enjoyment and experience of being active outdoors.

    Can Be Paired with Other Natural Footgear

    The Luna Oso Flaco is compatible with the other footgear we offer at Natural Footgear. This sandal, with its wide footbed, pairs nicely with Correct Toes toe spacers, which, when used alone or in combination with the sandals, helps realign your toes, strengthen your foot, and address a wide variety of foot and toe ailments. The Oso Flaco also works nicely with Injinji toe socks and Strutz foot pads or Pedag metatarsal pads to free your toes and build healthy, resilient feet. Each attractive and functional Luna Oso Flaco sandal weighs about 7 oz.

    Watch this video to learn how to adjust this sandal's strapping system.

    • Vegan
    • Zero drop platform
    • Made in Seattle, USA
    • NFG Certified Product
    • Weight (per sandal): ~7.0 oz.
    • Laces: Performance laces 2.0
    • Comfortable heel strap and pad
    • Easily adjustable and ready to wear
    • Travel-Friendly: Easy to pack and store
    • Sole thickness: 7 mm base + 4.5 mm lugs
    • Wide footbed allows for optimal toe splay

    • Comfortable, strong tubular nylon toe post
    • Recessed ankle holes ensure lace longevity
    • Works well with Correct Toes and Injinji toe socks
    • Works well with Pedag met pads or Strutz foot pads
    • Flat bottom plug prevents discomfort, boosts longevity
    • Included Tech Straps help secure ankles and heel straps
    • Adjustable buckle allows for personalized comfort and fit
    • MGT Footbed: Excellent grip + water-resistant properties
    • Great for running, hiking, water sports, and other activities
    • Sole: Non-marking Vibram Megagrip outsole + Vibram midsole
  • To determine your proper size, please either 1) print the sizing template(s) in the table below for the size(s) you're interested in or 2) measure your foot length and compare it to the table below.

    Note: Set your printer to "actual size" or "100 percent" before printing any of the sizing templates below, and then measure the specified line on the paper to validate scale accuracy.

     Foot Length (cm) Women's Sizes (US) Printable Templates
    22.7 - 23.0 7 Women's 7
    23.1 - 23.5 7.5 Women's 7.5
    23.7 - 23.9 8 Women's 8
    24.0 - 24.3 8.5 Women's 8.5
    24.4 - 24.7 9 Women's 9
    24.8 - 25.2 9.5 Women's 9.5
    25.3 - 25.6 10 Women's 10
    25.7 - 26.0 10.5 Women's 10.5
    26.1 - 26.4 11 Women's 11

    If you have concerns about sizing, feel free to contact us or Luna customer service.

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