Lems Primal 2 Black (Women's)


  • Lems Primal 2 Black (Women's)
  • Lems Primal 2 Black (Women's)
  • Lems Primal 2 Black (Women's)
  • Lems Primal 2 Black (Women's)
  • Lems Primal 2 Black (Women's)
  • Lems Primal 2 Black (Women's)
  • Lems Primal 2 Black (Women's)
  • Lems Primal 2 Black (Women's)
  • Lems Primal 2 Black (Women's)
  • Lems Primal 2 Black (Women's)

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  • A Flat, Wide & Flexible Minimalist Shoe

    The Lems Primal 2 is an attractive, natural shoe that is flat from heel to toe, widest at the ends of the toes, and extremely flexible in the sole. Lems is one of the first companies to combine these foot-health-positive design features in one shoe.

    A Toe Box That Accommodates Natural Toe Splay

    These wide toe box shoes leave ample room for your toes to spread, the way nature intended, and they can be used in combination with Correct Toes, Injinji toe socks, and Strutz Pro or Pedag metatarsal pads to help restore your natural toe splay and foot health.

    Lightweight Design, Durable Construction

    Lems minimalist shoes, including the Primal 2 model, are built without the use of animal leather, making them appropriate for vegans. Lems shoes are lightweight, durable, and can be used in both casual and recreational settings. Some people use Lems Primal 2 shoes as their primary running shoe. Each Lems Primal 2 shoe weighs about 6.9 oz.

    • Weight: ~6.9 oz.
    • Width: 4.2" - 4.4"
    • Stack Height: 8.0 mm

    • NFG Certified Product
    • Last: LemsLast™ foot-shaped
    • Lining: Moisture-wicking polyester

    • Drop: 0.0 mm (i.e., flat from heel to toe)
    • Travel-Friendly: Collapsible and packable
    • Upper: Microsuede + air-mesh (100% vegan)
    • Sole: 8.0 mm LemsRubber™ injection rubber
    • Toe Box: Extra wide toe box for natural toe splay

    • Works well with Correct Toes and Injinji toe socks

    • Works well with Pedag met pads or Strutz Pro pads
    • Insole: Optional removable 3.0 mm MoistureWick foam

  • Note: Sizing varies between brands and sometimes even between different models of the same brand. What follows is the sizing information specific to the Lems Primal 2:

     Women's US Sizes Women's Primal 2 Sizes
    5.5 38
    6.5 39
    7.5 40
    8.5 41
    9.5 42
    10.5 43
    11.5 44
    12.5 45

    If you're still unsure of what size to order, consider ordering both sizes and then simply return the size that doesn't fit as well for a refund. If you have concerns about sizing, feel free to contact us.

    Tip 1: To create additional roominess within the shoe, please consider removing the included (optional) shoe liner/footbed; this action does not, in any way, affect the performance of the shoe.

    Tip 2: Correct Toes toe spacers will often add width and length to the foot. If you’re planning to wear Correct Toes with your footwear, please consider sizing up, especially if you are on the border between sizes.

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