Injinji OTC Compression Pink


  • Injinji OTC Compression Pink
  • Injinji OTC Compression Pink
  • Injinji OTC Compression Pink
  • Injinji OTC Compression Pink
  • Injinji OTC Compression Pink
  • Injinji OTC Compression Pink

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  • Graduated Compression for Circulation & Recovery

    Injinji over the calf (OTC) compression toe socks offer graduated lower leg compression to help enhance your circulation and boost your athletic recovery. These toe socks offer compression where you need it (in the calf and lower leg) and freedom in the foot and toes, where the sock feels and functions like a regular toe sock.

    A 5-Toe Design That Supports Natural Toe Alignment

    You can wear your Injinji compression toe socks before, during, or after athletic activity to help enhance blood flow throughout your body, reduce lower extremity swelling, and speed your recovery. This sock's 5-toe design, like all other Injinji toe socks, encourages natural toe splay and allows your foot to function the way nature intended.

    Great for Active Individuals, Helps Prevent Blisters

    Great for walkers, runners, and other active individuals, Injinji compression toe socks offer superior blister protection and moisture management, enhanced toe mobility, and improved balance and grip inside your shoe.

    Compatible With Other Foot-Healthy Footgear

    Injinji compression toe socks work well with many of the other products we offer at Natural Footgear, including men's or women's foot-healthy shoes, Correct Toes, and Strutz Pro or Pedag metatarsal pads.

    • Promotes healing
    • Enhances circulation
    • NFG Certified Product
    • Minimizes muscle soreness
    • Encourages natural toe splay
    • Offers superior blister prevention
    • Offers superior moisture management
    • Possesses graduated compression design
    • Improves grip and balance within your shoe
    • Works well in combination with Correct Toes
    • Wicks sweat to keep feet dry and comfortable
    • Improves toe mobility and builds stronger feet
    • Possesses mesh top for maximum breathability
    • Works well with Pedag met pads or Strutz Pro
    • Materials: 60% COOLMAX, 20% nylon, 20% LYCRA
    • Has anatomical left and right foot design for best fit
  • Injinji toe socks come in three distinct sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Your Injinji toe socks size is determined by your shoe size. The following sizing recommendations are suggested by the manufacturer:

    Small: Women's 6 to 8.5 (US) shoe size or men's 5 to 7.5 (US) shoe size

     Women's 9 to 11.5 (US) shoe size or men's 8 to 10.5 (US) shoe size

     Women's 12+ (US) shoe size or men's 11 to 13 (US) shoe size

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