Hickies No-Tie Laces White


  • Hickies No-Tie Laces White
  • Hickies No-Tie Laces White
  • Hickies No-Tie Laces White
  • Hickies No-Tie Laces White
  • Hickies No-Tie Laces White
  • Hickies No-Tie Laces White
  • Hickies No-Tie Laces White
  • Hickies No-Tie Laces White
  • Hickies No-Tie Laces White

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  • A Fun & Effective Shoelace Replacement

    Hickies no-tie laces are a simple and effective replacement for conventional shoelaces. This fun and functional little product can help turn any pair of lace-up shoes or boots into a slip-on, making it infinitely easier to take your shoes on or off. Set them up once to your desired tightness or looseness, and then they're good to go—no tying, untying, or adjusting again!

    Comfortable Fit, Useful for Many Purposes

    This durable device, made of an elastic memory fit material, offers a snug yet comfortable fit and works great for many people, including athletes (especially triathletes) and those with fine motor impairment, mobility issues, temporary injuries, back pain or any other condition (such as stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, ALS, or diabetic neuropathy) that makes tying or untying conventional shoelaces challenging.

    Customizable to Accommodate Personal Preferences

    Hickies one-size-fits-most shoelaces also make getting through airport security less of a hassle and are a great alternative for those who just want a change from conventional shoelaces. Each pack comes with 14 straps—more than enough for any pair of sneakers—and there are several different lacing options to accommodate specific needs, preferences, or customizations.

    • NFG Certified Product
    • Durable and long-lasting
    • One size fits most design
    • Lightweight and unobtrusive
    • Easily transferable between shoes
    • Helps reduce likelihood of tripping
    • Made of elastic memory fit material
    • Offers convenience and a perfect fit
    • Easy to clean with soap and warm water
    • Works great for athletes and active people
    • Works great for those with mobility problems
    • Works great for those with fine motor problems
    • Helps eliminate pain or discomfort caused by laces
    • Can be used with any shoe or boot that has eyelets
    • Can be customized for fit, comfort, and appearance
  • Hickies no-tie laces come in one size and are designed to offer a universal fit that’s perfect for almost everyone.

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