Due North Everyday Pro Winter Traction Aids


  • Due North Everyday Pro Winter Traction Aids
  • Due North Everyday Pro Winter Traction Aids
  • Due North Everyday Pro Winter Traction Aids
  • Due North Everyday Pro Winter Traction Aids
  • Due North Everyday Pro Winter Traction Aids

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  • A Versatile Tool to Improve Winter Traction

    Due North Everyday Pro Winter Traction Aids provide significantly enhanced traction for outdoor winter activities, and they work well with casual, dress, or athletic footwear. Perfect for shoveling snow from your driveway or sidewalk, these traction aids—which possess a special rubber tread design—can also be used when walking your dog or running or walking in snowy or icy conditions.

    Lightweight, Durable & Travel-Friendly Design

    Everyday Pro traction aids are low profile, lightweight, and minimalist in design, and they possess a webbed sole and accommodating toe box that adapts to the shape of your shoe. These traction aids are also durable and will stand up to harsh winter conditions, including subzero temperatures. The compact design of these traction aids means that they store or pack away easily when not in use, allowing them to be stowed in your coat pocket, handbag, or car's glove box.

    Compatible With Foot-Healthy Footwear

    Due North Everyday Pro Winter Traction Aids work great in combination with men's and women's foot-healthy footwear. These traction aids, which incorporate six tungsten carbide Ice Diamond Spikes, work particularly well with the Lems Boulder Boot to improve grip and stability in icy or slippery conditions. Improved traction in combination with flat, wide toe box footwear translates into greater (and safer) enjoyment of outdoor winter pursuits.

    • NFG Certified Product
    • Easily transferable between shoes
    • Lightweight and minimalist design
    • Made of a special rubber compound
    • Possesses a 360-degree spike pattern
    • Helps reduce likelihood of slips and falls
    • Can be used with almost any shoe or boot
    • Works great for athletes and active people
    • Works great for those with balance problems
    • Durable, designed for harsh winter conditions
    • Works great for most outdoor winter activities
    • Unique heel strap design allows for easy adjustment
    • Incorporates six tungsten carbide Ice Diamond Spikes
    • Works great with men's and women's foot-healthy footwear
  • Due North Everyday Pro Winter Traction Aids come in two sizes: Small/Medium and Large/X-Large. Your traction aid size is determined by your shoe size. The following sizing recommendations are suggested by the manufacturer:

    Small/Medium: Women's 5 to 9 (US) shoe size or men's 3 to 7 (US) shoe size

    Large/X-Large: Women's 10+ (US) shoe size or men's 8 to 14 (US) shoe size

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