Women's OESH Shoes

Product Description

Designed by Harvard medical doctor and researcher Casey Kerrigan, OESH shoes are made specifically for women. This shoe possesses a patented and proprietary non-marking OESH® sole, and it's designed from the inside out to prevent the kind of foot and knee problems many women experience with conventional footwear. OESH shoes are also designed around a woman’s foot, which has a relatively narrower heel and wider forefoot. These foot-healthy shoes have a completely flat sole from heel to toe to enable natural arch support and a toe box that’s widest at the ends of the toes to allow for natural toe splay. OESH shoes work great in combination with Correct Toes, Injinji toe socks, and Strutz foot pads or Pedag metatarsal pads. Each OESH shoe weighs between 7 and 10 oz.

Key Features