Ahinsa Jaya Barefoot Black


Ahinsa Jaya Barefoot Black
Ahinsa Jaya Barefoot Black
Ahinsa Jaya Barefoot Black
Ahinsa Jaya Barefoot Black

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  • An Accommodating Minimalist Boot for Everyday Use

    The Ahinsa Jaya Barefoot is an accommodating minimalist “combat” boot that’s designed by physical therapists to enhance foot form and function. This well-constructed and durable boot is made of premium materials and incorporates a scuff-resistant leather-alternative upper and a high-quality Lifoprene sole, both of which help ensure boot longevity and freedom of foot movement. Thanks to its conscientious design, the Jaya Barefoot works well for a variety of foot shapes, foot volumes, and calf sizes.

    Waterproof & Versatile With Foot-Healthy Design Features

    Waterproof and moisture wicking, the sturdy, yet supple Ahinsa Jaya Barefoot is well-suited to outdoor activities in a variety of climates and environments. Use this vegan boot around town for errands, get-togethers with friends, or other urban adventures, or lace up your Jaya Barefoots for an enjoyable (and foot-strengthening) off-road romp. With its generous, anatomical toe box and flexible, zero drop sole, this lightweight boot offers your foot an environment in which to thrive. Also, the low stack height of the Jaya Barefoot affords you exceptional ground feel and the ability to adapt to any terrain.

    Compatible With a Variety of Helpful Natural Footgear

    The Ahinsa Jaya Barefoot pairs nicely with Correct Toes toe spacers to help straighten the toes, restore optimal toe splay, and build strong, resilient feet. This footgear pairing can also be helpful in addressing or preventing common foot problems, such as bunions, crooked toes, neuromas, and plantar fasciosis (among others). The spacious Ahinsa Jaya Barefoot also works well in combination with other helpful natural footgear for synergistic foot health benefits, including Injinji toe socksPedag metatarsal pads, and Naboso insoles.

    Note: If you are new to using Ahinsa footwear, we recommend that you start in slowly, gradually building up your wear-time and giving your body the chance to adapt to the thinner soles and the increased workload on your feet.

    • Vegan
    • Zero drop
    • Extra wide toe box
    • Handmade product
    • NF Certified Product
    • Low stack height: 6 mm
    • Great for outings around town
    • Designed by physical therapists
    • Simple and effective lacing system
    • Super lightweight: ~10 oz. per boot
    • Travel-Friendly: Foldable and packable
    • Sole: Flexible and durable Lifo+ material
    • Accommodates a wide range of foot types
    • Works great with Correct Toes and Injinji toe socks
    • Works great with Pedag met pads and Naboso insoles
    • Upper: Waterproof and abrasion-resistant leather alternative
  • Find your best size by doing the following:

    1. Watch this short video to learn how to properly measure your foot length.
    2. Compare your measurement to the sizing chart below.

     Foot Length (mm) Ahinsa Jaya Barefoot Sizes
    244 - 250 40
    251 - 256 41
    257 - 264 42
    265 - 270 43
    271 - 276 44
    277 - 283 45
    284 - 290 46
    291 - 296 47
    297 - 303 48

    If you have concerns or additional questions about sizing, feel free to contact us or Ahinsa customer service.

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