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  • A BlackBoard Extension Set for Improved Foot Joint Mobility

    Your foot consists of 26 bones, 33 joints, and numerous muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other structures. It is, inherently, a finely-tuned instrument that permits a wide range of activities, from walking to running to jumping to standing. However, a lack of exercise and the use of conventional (i.e., inappropriate) footwear can, over time, cause your foot joints to become dysfunctional. Using the BlackBoard Basic can help get you started on the path to restoring healthy foot joint range of motion, and combining this foot training platform with BlackBoard MobilizationBars can help take you to the next level.

    Helps Mobilize the Heel and Forefoot, Improves Foot Flexibility

    The increased height and rounded nature of BlackBoard MobilizationBars create a larger tilting angle, which heightens the degree of mobilization possible throughout your various foot joints. Use these bars to help gently mobilize your heel and forefoot, relax tight foot muscles, and restore range of motion in your big toe joints, as well as to train the sensitivity, flexibility, and circulation of your feet more intensely. Each set of BlackBoard MobilizationBars comes with one long MobilizationBar, two short MobilizationBars, and a detailed user’s manual that shows all the various exercises you can perform with these extension bars.

    Learn all about how to use BlackBoard MobilizationBars in this informative blog post, which includes video demonstrations of the key foot exercises recommended by the manufacturer as well as a proposed training schedule.

    • Clever design
    • NF Certified Product
    • Compact and travel-friendly
    • Total Product Weight: 4.0 oz.
    • Materials: Wood, rubber, and velcro
    • Helpful for mobilizing the heel and forefoot
    • Helpful for restoring big toe range of motion
    • Helpful for both relaxing and activating key foot muscles
    • Helpful for training foot sensitivity, flexibility, and circulation
    • Helpful for improving joint range of motion throughout the foot
    • Works great in combination with the BlackBoard Basic training platform
    • Long Bar Dimensions: 5.9 inches long x 1.1 inches wide x 0.87 inches tall
    • Short Bar Dimensions: 3.4 inches long x 1.1 inches wide x 0.87 inches tall
    • Comes with three MobilizationBars (one short, two long) and a detailed user’s manual
  • BlackBoard MobilizationBars come in two lengths: Long and short. The long MobilizationBar is 5.9 inches long by 1.1 inches wide by 0.87 inches tall. The short MobilizationBars are 3.4 inches long x 1.1 inches wide x 0.87 inches tall.

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